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Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

November 10, 2017

How are you?,

I hope you’re staying warm.

I am a freshman in high school, but I’m sure you know that considering you see me when I’m sleeping, you know when I’m awake and if I’ve been bad or good “for goodness sake.” Regardless of whether you really watch me that closely or not, this letter must be a shock to you. After all I am a 15-year old girl who still believes in the Magic of Christmas. Not many people my age believe in you, or the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy for that matter, but pish posh.

Let’s get down to the matter at hand. You and I both know why I’m writing you this letter. There are 34 days left until Christmas and I finally know what I want. Before I get into details, I believe it is necessary to tell you that I have been phenomenal this year: I didn’t kill my brother despite his persistence of annoying me, I managed to get an A in Geometry and I didn’t even lose the dogs this year. Compared to last year’s mishap with the fire, and the raw sewage and dogs, I can safely say I have been the poster child for the word “perfection.”

I thought I wanted an Apple Watch for Christmas, but then I realized I would probably get bored with it in a few months. I really put some thought into this gift. I mean it’s nothing compared to a pair of new boots, but it will definitely benefit me in the future.

So, therefore Santa, this year, the year of 2017, I am asking you to pay my future student loan debt. I know that sounds extremely unreasonable, but let’s be honest Santa, in our economy hardly anything is reasonable. (It cost me $1.50 to send you this letter. It should have been free.)

I did some research and according to The Institute for College Access and Success student debt increased by 25% increase from 2008 to 2012, from $23,450 to$29,400. That was five years ago Santa, and we both know the amount has risen immensely. Just last year the average graduate had $37,172 in student loan debt. I can’t afford that now and I probably won’t be able to afford that in the future.

Considering I’m just a freshman, I think $45,000 would be enough. That’s not too crazy of a demand, right? I know it is a lot to ask for, but Let’s think of it this way though: I’ve believed in you for the past 15 years…well 14, and that’s a hard task to maintain. I was bullied for believing in you Santa (well if you consider my mother laughing at me to be bullying). $45,000 is a lot of money, but I’ve been the perfect child. If you do this one thing for me, I promise I won’t ask you for anything else. I’ll continue to write you letters just out of the kindness of my heart and I’ll leave extra cookies for you. I can’t pay my student loan debt by myself Santa, so for the sake of my future sanity please help!

Lots of Love,

Holly Klaus