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Student Life

The Most Dangerous Time of Year

Ever since Tuesday, October 10th, many kids at Northampton High School (NHS) have feared the dangers surrounding them. The danger is not the monster that lurks in the halls, or the long school year looming overhead, but being assassinated by a fellow peer. The school wide game of Assassins causes friends to turn on each other and tensions to rise.

The game is quite simple: students who sign up to play receive their target over Facebook Messenger and then the game begins. The player must kill their target by tapping them with a spoon and whispering “assassin” without any witnesses. Once you kill your target their target passes on to you. The trickiest part is staying aware of anyone and everyone at NHS playing the game, for you could be their target. The winner, the last one alive, receives a cash prize.

I began the game confident and ready to take on all players. Lucky enough, the odds were spun in my favor—my first target was my brother. After a few days had passed, I decided I had given him enough time to live. That night when I went downstairs for a cool drink of water, I saw my opportunity. My brother sat eating his dinner. I casually pulled a spoon from the kitchen drawer and walked over to him. I tapped him and he was dead, an easy kill. He was not too pleased and neither was I because I knew my new target would not be as simple.

I stayed on the lookout for days but I could not seem to find my target anywhere and I had no clue who had me. After a week of safety, I began to hear rumors that a “Bill from the cross-country team” had me as a target. There are multiple Bills on the cross-country team so I had to do some sleuthing around to find the right one. I thought I knew so I confronted him and he immediately denied it but told me he knew which Bill it was. I was quick to believe him and that was my greatest fault.