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Peer Advisory League Q+A

The Peer Advisory League recently visited classes with freshmen to introduce themselves and help freshmen with anything they may need help with, whether it be adjusting to high school, getting connected with things happening in the school, or just needing advice and someone to talk to. During the visit, PAL asked freshmen if they had any questions, and to send them in for answers from juniors and seniors. Here is what we were asked. Answers from the students to the students – we are here for you.


Q: Are the teachers good at understanding and using trans students’ pronouns? Do you think it is fair to ask a teacher to call you something else in class from what they should call you to parents? Is it a safe call?

PAL: Teachers are typically very good at understanding the importance of pronouns, and some have even used them as part of introductions. If they do not automatically ask for everybody’s pronouns, it is fine to ask if everyone can say their pronouns, or share your pronouns privately with teachers. It is also okay to ask teachers to call you something different in class than when talking to a parent or guardian. I would strongly urge you to talk with your teacher to try to make sure it is a safe idea, especially if parents are a concern of yours.If you want help or have questions about changing your name or your pronouns, see Ms. Malvezzi in her office. She is more than happy to help you. If you want a space outside of class for support, everyone is welcome at the Gender Sexuality club. Meetings are on Wednesdays after school from 2-3 in the Community Room. 


Q: Is it too late to join clubs?

PAL: It is never too late to join clubs. Clubs are open for everyone, and everyone should consider getting involved with something that interests them. Find out when the club meets and ask if you can join I guarantee they will welcome you with open arms.


Q: How can I find information about school activities and class events if I do not have social media?

PAL: Check the Daily Bulletin as often as you want: printed copies are in the office every morning. Also, look at the fliers around school. Although they are a little harder to read during the school day, they do provide good information about things that are happening around school. Do not let that piece of paper go to waste. If you cannot check posters, or you miss other things, ask around. People who are on social media will know what is going on, and will probably be more than willing to help you out. Going to class officers or your class advisor will also get you answers if you are looking for class-based activities.


Q: When is the end of the semester?

PAL: As of now, the end of the semester will be January 23, 2018. You will have finals on the 22nd and 23rd, and both of those days have an early dismissal. There will be no school on the 24th because of teacher’s development and the second semester will begin on the 25th of January, where you will go straight to your first period class.


Q:How long has PAL existed? Can younger classes do PAL?

PAL: PAL was created during the 2016-2017 school year. This year is the first real year of PAL. We are figuring out how to best help everyone, so feedback is great. Although PAL mentors are juniors and seniors, everyone is encouraged to help out around the school when they can. If you know someone you think may benefit from having a mentor, let us know and we will have someone check in on them. Or if you want one, let us know.  


Q: Is Olivia Lombardi related to Mr. Lombardi?

Yes, yes she is.


If you have any more questions, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or send us a note. I am sure if you handed it to a teacher, it will find its way to us. If you want a mentor or need help with anything, let us know. We are more than happy to help.