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Northampton High School Welcomes Mr. Chastek

There’s a new face in the Math Department and it just so happens to be Mr. Eli Chastek. Every morning, he rolls to school in his cycling gear, ready to start the day. An avid biker, he often leaves his house when it is still dark outside.

Mr. Chastek has lived in Western Mass for 10 years. He previously lived in Holyoke and said he is not used to being in such a condensed area. Because the area is small, he often just bikes in a circle around Florence.

The transition to teaching at a new school “has been pretty good,” said Mr. Chastek. “All of the teachers have been nice and have been going out of their way” to make him feel welcomed.

As a child, Mr. Chastek often went home pondering the day’s difficult math problem, trying to figure it out. He hopes his current students do the same.

He previously taught at the Paulo Freire Charter School, a social justice school in Holyoke. He also works at an outdoor education facility called the Morse Hill Outdoor Education Center in Shutesbury.

Mr. Chastek is also a risk taker and composer. He enjoys kite boarding, and even though he has injured himself while doing it, it is still something in which he revels. His injury did not define the sport, so he still wants to give it a chance.

As for the composer spirit within him, he has published two acoustic guitar songs on Soundcloud, and even though he has not posted in a few years, that does not mean he has stopped composing his own music. His favorite genre of music is a form of EDM.

Mr.Chastek is a great addition to NHS, and it will be exciting to see all he adds to our community.