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Northampton High School Welcomes Mr. Boeding

Although his name sounds like boating, the new French teacher actually prefers biking.

Mr. Ryan Boeding became a French teacher because he loved the French language and culture, and wanted to find a job where he could use the language.

Previously, Mr. Boeding taught in two all-boys Catholic schools, one in Toledo, Ohio, and another in Boston, Massachusetts. He also taught at a school in Northern Vermont, and Swiss Semester where he taught French in Switzerland for a semester.

Mr. Boeding decided to come and teach here in Room 110 at Northampton High School because he enjoyed the Western Mass area when he was at grad school, the motivated students who, according to him, have a “good reputation,” and because he wanted to join a bigger, co-ed school.

A student described his class as “laid back,” and Mr. Boeding said this quality helped ease his transition to NHS. He wants to see what makes students interested in the language during the class, and hopes to eventually take a class trip abroad to Canada, and develop partnerships with schools in Quebec.

When asked what they thought about him, one student said she thought the year was “off to a good start” and she had “learned a lot of new things already.” “It’s exciting, you know, I feel like I’m gonna learn a lot from him.” A third student thought Mr. Boeding “is more understanding when someone makes an error compared to previous years.”  

He is “a great teacher with a lot of potential to teach kids who are passionate about French,” one student said. Another student agreed, saying she thought he was a “good addition” and “something new.”