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Inside the Movements – A Social Justice Pictory

Inside the Movements

The first event I photographed was at an Indigenous People’s Day event in New York, otherwise known as Columbus Day. People we’re mourning and celebrating at the same time. Mourning for the lack of recognition from America on the repetitive stealing of land. At the same time celebrating the resilience of their native ancestors who never gave up fighting back.This event was a day full of dance and song in the native languages of different tribes. So much energy goes through these type of events, energy that helps give people hope for the future.

Coming together and showing up for your beliefs empowers you and those surrounded. The next events I photographed were at Trump protests regarding his policies. Even if these marches and protests don’t make direct change to policies, they do make direct change to the mind of the people involved. It’s about chanting until you lose your voice. Showing up during rain or shine. Giving a voice to people who are use to not being heard, and feeling heard yourself.


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