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A Boost to the Community

For students at Northampton High School, Booster Week isn’t just about building floats, it’s also about building community.

Joe Bosco’s dedication is clear, especially when you see the float he and the rest of the student government produced for the booster week parade. “I like working together with my peers, it’s a good way to bring everybody together.” Bosco said.

Sam Shelfo, a sophomore at NHS, sees booster week as a time where the school shows off their pride. “When I hear about Booster Week, usually I think it’s just another week. But when I’m actually participating in it, it’s a lot more interactive. I think it’s a very fun time for everyone.” Sam said he enjoys a multitude of games and events during booster week, but the one that stands out the most is the Pep Rally. Typically, he does the trash barrel run. However, when it comes to theme days, Blue and Gold day is his favorite. “Participation is a word that comes to mind,” he said, “Seeing everyone participating is just fun.”

The newly appointed Booster Week Organiser and teacher, Jeromie Whalen, says Booster Week is something he never had as a student in high school.  “The school is so much more than just classes,” Whalen said.  “Education extends outside of that classroom—to camaraderie, teamwork, friendship, and all of these things that may not immediately associate with the traditional learning environment.”

Whalen feels a certain connection to this school, and those who work and learn in it. “I think that what is nice about Northampton High School is that we are a family and we are a community,” said Whalen. To him, Booster Week is a time for students and faculty to come together, and a time to celebrate both what we have in common, and diverse nature of NHS. “When I see people involved in spirit week and dressing up for the day,” he said, “it puts a smile on your face.”