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“Cookie Works” Works

Upon arrival, the smell of freshly baked cookies was detectable from the bottom of the stairs at Thorne’s Marketplace in Northampton. In the window there were only two trays of cookies on display, but the menu consisted of a variety of unique flavors. They had flavors like banana walnut, salted pretzel, and chocolate chip. They had more than just cookies, brownies and cupcakes were also available.

“I devoured my brownie and I didn’t feel guilty because they were gluten free. my sister loved the chocolate chip cookies,” said Meredith Pavlovich, a sophomore at Northampton High School.

“The treats were very smooth and they had a great mouthfeel,” said Max Famiglietti-Mueller, a sophomore.

I ordered the banana walnut and salted pretzels which costs roughly five dollars for a dozen. “I thought they were absolutely delectable and rich in flavor.”

The service was quick, the employees were friendly, and the stores was well kept. The employees did not rush us into ordering. They offered us free samples of a flavor of our choice. Overall, Cookie Works is a sweet indulgence, but a slightly pricey one.


Overall rating: 8/10

Quality of cookies: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Price: 3/5