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Welcome to Moe’s!


Moe’s Southwestern Grill on King Street  in Northampton is one of many Mexican restaurants I’ve been to.  While it pales in comparison to private restaurants, it’s certainly one of the better chain restaurants I’ve been to.

I ordered the “Home Wrecker” burrito, which had pulled pork, rice, lettuce,onions, beans, and cheese. The meat was kind of chilly, which made the rest of the burrito a less than desirable temperature, but it wasn’t that bad. The onions were perfectly grilled, and they tasted nice and crispy. The rice had a rich flavor and blended greatly with the black beans. Aside from the meat not being as hot as I prefer, the burrito was solid and definitely enjoyable.

The staff were very nice and helpful. As soon as you walk in, they all cheer “Welcome to Moe’s!” in semi-unison. I’ve never been to Moe’s before this, so they walked me through the process of ordering a meal. They had multiple types of meat, such as pork, chicken, and beef,  multiple types of wraps, and many other accessory items like chips and various salsas.

The menu was semi-expensive, for a restaurant of this type, with my meal coming in at a little over $12. The other meals on the menu  were more expensive than mine. A medium fountain soda drink was over $ 2. They did have a very unique soda machine, however. It was a coca cola touch controlled soda dispenser, with a large variety of coca cola products. I thought that was neat. Overall, I would definitely recommend Moe’s to people who are looking for a quick and easy Mexican meal.


Quality of Food: 7/10


Price Range:      8/10


Friendliness of

Employees:       10/10


Cleanliness of

the restaurant:    9/10


Overall, I’d give it 3 ½  * * * (*)