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Letter From the Editor

After a generous grant from the Northampton Education Foundation and the reinstatement of the journalism class, the Devils Advocate has returned for its second year at the Northampton High School.

Our new website is packed with several features, including a sports schedule and scores, daily announcements, a Twitter feed, Letters to the Editor, and many more. Readers can submit announcements, freelance articles, or letters to the editor to be posted on the website. There will be weekly polls in which readers can vote on about a variety of topics.

Throughoutthis year, the Devils Advocate will be updated by the NHS journalism class taught by Anne-Marie Osheyack, and the Devils Advocate club. The website will be updated at least once a week. To stay up-to-date with new material, sign up for the Devils Advocate newsletter, follow @NHSDevilsAdv, or like our Facebook page.

In the first issue, the Devils Advocate editorial team tackles the frustrating problem of the clocks not keeping consistent time. Staff Writer Jack Petrides will be live-tweeting tonight’s football game. And, Staff Writer Connor Paradis reports on why the Students of Culture Alliance, SOCA, changed their name. With superintendent John Provost recently rolling out his entry plan for the Northampton Public Schools, Staff Writer Lucy Norton covers his plans for the next year.

The Devils Advocate is a newspaper for the students, by the students. Our news stories are reported unbiasedly and with the mission of informing and helping improve the NHS community. We willstay true to this vision and never stop working to improve.

We would like to give a huge thanks to the NHS administration, NHS students, the journalism class, journalist Barbara Solow, Hits 94.3 music host Trumpy, NEF, and the Gazette for all being enormous parts of why the Devils Advocate still exists. Without their support, NHS would have no school newspaper. Principal Bryan Lombardi has spent several hours working with staff and journalists so we can create a viable and respectable paper. Thank you, Principal Lombardi.

If you are interested in joining the Devils Advocate, sending feedback, or want to learn more, email [email protected].


Jonathan Goldman

Editor-in-Chief of the Devils Advocate

Class of 2015